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deliberate adjective meaning: 1. done intentionally, or planned: 2. careful and without hurry: . Learn more a deliberate act of vandalism; The speech was a deliberate attempt to embarrass the government. a deliberate lie/deception ; opposite unintentiona deliberate adjective — Definition, Audio-Aussprache und mehr für deliberate adjective: 1. done intentionally, or planned: 2. careful and without hurry: : Sehen Sie mehr im Learner's Dictionary — Cambridge Dictionary. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus de·lib·er·ate, Komparativ: more de·lib·er·ate, Superlativ: most de·lib·er·ate. Aussprache: IPA: [ dɪlɪbəreɪt] Hörbeispiele: deliberate (Adjektiv; amerikanisch) ( Info) Bedeutungen: [1] bewusst, überlegt, wohlerwogen, absichtlich, vorsätzlich deliberate adjective. adjective. NAmE / / dɪˈlɪbrət / / , NAmE / / dɪˈlɪbərət / / jump to other results. 1 done on purpose rather than by accident synonym intentional, plan a deliberate act of vandalism The speech was a deliberate attempt to embarrass the government. opposite unintentional. Questions about grammar and vocabulary? Find the answers with Practical English Usage online.

intended, not done by chance or by accident I'm sure the omission of my name was deliberate Deliberate definition is - to think about or discuss issues and decisions carefully. How to use deliberate in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of deliberate deliberate adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, a tall girl, an interesting book, a big house. (on purpose) absichtlich Adj Adjektiv : Wörter, die ein Substantiv näher umschreiben ( großer See, schöner Film) Adjektive / Adverbien deliberate Adj. absichtlich deliberate Adj. bewusst deliberate Adj. vorsätzlich deliberate Adj. bedachtsam deliberate Adj. wohlüberlegt auch: wohl überlegt deliberate Adj. bedacht deliberate Adj. bedächtig deliberate Adj. gut überlegt deliberate Adj. überlegt deliberate Adj. vorbedacht deliberate Adj. vorsichtig deliberate Adj Deliberate definition, carefully weighed or considered; studied; intentional: a deliberate lie. See more

deliberate-adjective Movies Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Deliberate: decided on as a result of careful thought. Synonyms: advised, calculated, considered Antonyms: casual, unadvised, uncalculated Find the right word. Synonyms: advised, calculated, considere Adjectives for deliberately include deliberate, deliberational, deliberative, deliberated, deliberating, delibered and delibering. Find more words at wordhippo.com

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deliberate Adjektiv limit for which we have given a binding commitment and are in this respect guilty neither of gross negligence nor of deliberate intent, the Customer is entitled to cancel the contract after setting a reasonable extension of time; the assertion of a claim for any damage arising on account of the delay shall be restricted in its amount to 20% of the invoice value of the. Find 104 ways to say DELIBERATE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. DICTIONARY.COM THESAURUS.CO The definition of deliberate is doing something on purpose and with careful thought. An example of deliberate is buying gifts only after hours of considering your options. An example of deliberate is shooting a gun after aiming very carefully deliberate {Adjektiv} volume_up. general words, manner of speaking insult, indiscretion 1. general . deliberate (auch: deliberately, intentionally, on purpose, intentional, purposefully, with intent, purposely, willfully, willful, wilfully) volume_up. absichtlich. more_vert. open_in_new Link zu European Parliament; warning Überarbeitung erbitten; There seems to have been a deliberate.

deliberate adjective übersetzen: преднамеренный, умышленный , обдуманный, осторожный. Erfahren Sie mehr deliberate adjective übersetzen: kasdi, isteyerek, bilerek, kasıtlı, sakin ve dikkatli. Erfahren Sie mehr

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deliberate Adj. absichtlich deliberate Adj. bewusst deliberate Adj. vorsätzlich deliberate Adj. bedachtsa Deliberative is a related term of deliberate. As adjectives the difference between deliberative and deliberate is that deliberative is that deliberates, considers carefully while deliberate is done on purpose; intentional. As a noun deliberative is a discourse in which a question is discussed, or weighed and examined. As a verb deliberate is to consider carefully or health which are based on a deliberate or n egligent breach of duty - also by a legal representative or a vicarious agent of the group of persons released from duty - and except for other damage that is based on a deliberate or g rossly negligent breach of. [...] duty - also by al legal representative. [... Synonyms for 'deliberate': deliberately, intended, calculated, knowingly, conscious, wilful, calculated to do something, on purpose, by desig As adjectives the difference between deliberate and elaborate is that deliberate is done on purpose; intentional while elaborate is highly complex, detailed, or sophisticated. As verbs the difference between deliberate and elaborate is that deliberate is to consider carefully while elaborate is (used with'' on ''when used with an object ) to give further detail or explanation (about)

Praktische Beispielsätze. Automatisch ausgesuchte Beispiele auf Englisch: The Legal Practice Council is expected to deliberate on whether Public Protector Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane should be struck off the roll on Friday. Fin24.com, 24. Juli 2019 There was a deliberate move by former Miss Ireland Pamela Flood's husband Ronan Ryan to frustrate and obstruct the implementation of a. deliberate (on) whether, what, etc They deliberated (on) whether to continue with the talks. deliberate over something Customers sometimes deliberate over a purchase for weeks. deliberate something The jurors are now deliberating the fate of the accused. Topics Preferences and decisions c Definition of deliberately adverb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders

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Adjective . deliberate (comparative more deliberate, superlative most deliberate) Done on purpose; intentional deliberate. To deliberate means to carefully think or talk something through — it also means slow and measured, the pace of this kind of careful decision making. If you chose deliberately, you make a very conscious, well-thought-through choice. The verb deliberate ends with an ate sound — at the end of a trial, after the evidence is presented,.

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  1. If you deliberate something, you think about it carefully. The jury deliberated about the innocence of the person on trial
  2. es #deliberate as an #adjective. Here, 8 adjectives, which have meanings similar to that of deliberate in standard English, are introduced through sentence examples. These #.
  3. ed)
  4. Ausspracheführer: Lernen Sie deliberate (adjective) auf Englisch muttersprachlich auszusprechen. Englische Übersetzung von deliberate (adjective)
  5. adverb. deliberately. scripted. adjective. something said or done that is scripted was planned before, and sometimes does not seem natural for that reason. studiously. adverb. in a very deliberate way. voluntary
  6. Definition, Rechtschreibung, Synonyme und Grammatik von 'deliberativ' auf Duden online nachschlagen. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache
  7. Definition of INTENTIONAL (adjective): deliberate. Definition and synonyms of intentional from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. This is the British English definition of intentional.View American English definition of intentional.. Change your default dictionary to American English

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Definition of deliberate in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of deliberate. What does deliberate mean? Information and translations of deliberate in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web Definitions of deliberate: . verb: discuss the pros and cons of an issue ; verb: think about carefully; weigh ; adjective: by conscious design or purpose ; adjective: marked by careful consideration or reflection Example: A deliberate decision adjective: with care and dignity Example: With all deliberate speed adjective: produced or marked by conscious design or premeditatio Deliberation definition is - the act of thinking about or discussing something and deciding carefully : the act of deliberating. How to use deliberation in a sentence

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  1. Done with or marked by full consciousness of the nature and effects; intentional: mistook the oversight for a deliberate insult. 2. Arising from or... 2. Arising from or..
  2. deliberate meaning. Meaning and Definition of deliberate. Synonyms, Antonyms, Derived Terms, Anagrams and senses of deliberate. What is deliberate
  3. Not deliberate Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionar
  4. Deliberate definition: If you do something that is deliberate , you planned or decided to do it beforehand , and... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example
  5. adjective. carefully considered. deliberate → wohlüberlegt; überlegt; wohlerwogen; of a person, carefully considering the probable consequences of a step. deliberate → wohlüberlegt; wohlerwoge
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deceptive adjective. jump to other results. [uncountable] the act of deliberately making somebody believe something that is not true (= of deceiving them) synonym deceit Topics Personal qualities c1. a drama full of lies and deception. He was accused of obtaining property by deception Find 42 ways to say DELIBERATED, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus Deliberate synonyms. Top deliberate synonyms (adjectives related to precise) are careful, intentional and premeditated What does considerate mean? Having or showing regard for others and their feelings; thoughtful. (adjective

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Definition of Deliberate. to seriously contemplate. Examples of Deliberate in a sentence. We need to deliberate our rest stops before we make hotel reservations for the road trip. During the teacher's meeting, we were asked to deliberate our testing goals for the school year. The jury will now deliberate the case of the accused child killer. Because the millionaire does not. There Is No Preview Available For This Item This item does not appear to have any files that can be experienced on Archive.org deliberate adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, a tall girl, an interesting book, a big house. (careful, considered) ponderato, cauto agg aggettivo: Descrive o specifica un sostantivo: Una persona fidata - Con un cacciavite piccolo - Questioni controverse Linda's movements were slow and deliberate as she lifted the fragile antique vase into place. Linda ha.

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Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. English [] Etymology []. un-+‎ deliberateAdjective []. undeliberate (comparative more undeliberate, superlative most undeliberate) . Not deliberate Translate Deliberate. See 11 authoritative translations of Deliberate in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations Browse list of letter d from Macmillan Collocations Dictionary. Browse Collocations. Collocations are combinations of words which frequently occur together Voluntary definition is - proceeding from the will or from one's own choice or consent. How to use voluntary in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of voluntary

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  1. weloverwogen übersetzt von Niederländische ins Englisch inklusiv Synonyms, Definitionen und zusammenhängende Wörter
  2. d, consider carefully; 1550s, discuss and exa
  3. What does inadvertent mean? Not deliberate or considered; unintentional. (adjective) An inadvertent remark; inadvertent humor
  4. What does knowing mean? Possessing knowledge, information, or understanding. (adjective) Very knowing about transportation costs
  5. The new edition of the remarkable reference features 8,000 illustrations. Learn More
  6. intencionadamente übersetzt von Spanische ins Englisch inklusiv Synonyms, Definitionen und zusammenhängende Wörter

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  1. Synonyms for intentionally in Englisch including definitions, and related words
  2. Find 76 ways to say JUDGED, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus
  3. Deliberate view definition based on common meanings and most popular ways to define words related to deliberate view. Log in. Power definitions of Deliberate view. Meaning via related definitions Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples. thesaurus. No direct definitions yet. Words. deliberate. adjective. carefully thought out in advance. view. noun. a way of regarding situations or.
  4. Definitions and Meaning of deliberate in English deliberate adjective. unhurried and with care and dignity Synonyms: careful, measured Examples - walking at the same measured pace - with all deliberate speed; carefully thought out in advance Synonyms: calculated, measured Examples - a calculated insult - he made a deliberate decision not to respond negatively - with measured irony.

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Deliberate is an adjective, the adverb is deliberately to consider issues or matters carefully and thoroughly, sometimes through discussion with others. The jury deliberated for five hours before reaching a decision. synonyms: contemplate, ponder. similar words: canvass, caucus, cogitate, confer, consider, debate, meditate, mull, reflect, ruminate, study, think

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Adjective (en adjective) Done on purpose; intentional. Tripping me was deliberate action. Of a person, weighing facts and arguments with a view to a choice or decision; carefully considering the probable consequences of a step; circumspect; slow in determining. The jury took eight hours to come to its deliberate verdict Adjective Declensions. Formation of Adjectives; 1st and 2nd Declension Adjectives: ā- and o- stems; 1st and 2nd Declension Adjectives: stems ending in -ro; 1st and 2nd Declension Adjectives: Gen. in -īus, Dat. in -ī; 3rd Declension Adjectives: Classification and Paradigms; Declension of Comparatives; 3rd Declension Adjectives: Case Forms of. As an adjective deliberate is done on purpose; intentional. As a verb deliberate is to consider carefully. Other Comparisons: What's the difference? Deliberately vs Taxonomy. taxonomy . English (wikipedia taxonomy) Noun (taxonomies) The science or the technique used to make a classification. A classification; especially , a classification in a hierarchical system. (taxonomy, uncountable) The. Vodič kroz izgovor: Naučite kako se izgovara deliberate (adjective) na Engleski uz izvorni izgovor deliberate (adjective) prijevod i snimljeni izgovo

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Positive Adjectives That Start With D. daffy; dainty; dandy; dapper; daring; dashing; daughterly; dazzling; dear; debonair; decadent; decent; decisive; decorative; decorous; dedicated; deeply; defendable; defensible; definable; definitive; delectable; deliberate; deliberative; delicate; delicious; delighted; delightful; demonstrative; demure; dependable; descriptive; designer; desirable; desirous; detailed; detectabl Personality Adjectives ! Following is a list of personality adjectives in English you should learn when describing someone's personality adjective: marked by careful consideration or reflection (A deliberate decision) adjective : with care and dignity ( With all deliberate speed ) adjective : produced or marked by conscious design or premeditatio She looked angry (adjective) = she had an angry expression She looked angrily (adverb) at her husband. Here, 'looked' is a deliberate action

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ADJECTIVE deliberate. DERIVATIVES intentionality noun intentionally adver deliberate; designed; fixed; framed up; intentional; laid-out; prepense; purposed; rigged; set-up; sewn-up; stacked deck; studied; thought-out; willfu An adjective describes how something 'is.' For this reason, we often use the verb 'to be' when using adjectives.Adjectives are used to describe nouns. There are two types of sentences we use with adjectives, which are detailed below Find 25 ways to say INTENDED, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus As adjectives the difference between deliberate and advised is that deliberate is done on purpose; intentional while advised is considered or thought out; resulting from deliberation. As verbs the difference between deliberate and advised is that deliberate is to consider carefully while advised is (advise)

780 adjectives that start with D, complete with definitions and example sentences. Organized by the first two letters for easier usage. Enjoy! deliberate: Unhurried and with care and dignity. The concept of deliberate intervention into the existing process. deliberative: Carefully thought out in advance. The red link in the summary was not deliberate. delible: Capable of being deleted. What does studious mean? The definition of studious is someone who spends a lot of time on academic pursuits or reading books, or something done. Use the adjective unwitting to describe someone who doesn't know certain important information, such as unwitting computer users who don't know that an online shopping site is tracking all their activity

Some sample ways to customize the behaviour of the embed urls, used within the embed code above, follow. Embeds a video item. If the item contains 2+ playable uploaded files, this embeds all of the files within the item by default, sorted naturally (mostly alphabetically, via our backend PHP code) Here the verbal noun tripping takes the determiner the, the adjective deliberate and the prepositional phrase of an opponent, but it exhibits no verbal properties at all. In other words, tripping, in this case, is a perfectly ordinary noun, behaving just like any other noun, with no verbal properties in sight. Compare the last example with one involving the unremarkable noun attack: In. adjective a) That has been determined by measurement. He ran over a measured mile. b) Deliberate but restrained. He argued in measured tone

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deliberate de‧lib‧e‧rate 2 / dɪˈlɪbəˌreɪt / [動] 2 verb/adjective pron change warning 形容詞との発音の違いに注意 a) 《 他 》 を熟慮する, 熟考する, 検討する • His brow furrowed as he deliberated his answer. 彼は額にしわを寄せて答えをじっくり考えた. • They shut him upstairs while they deliberated what to do with him Tag: adjective 30 day challenge Day 9 - Baby. May 4, 2017 May 12, 2017 The deliberate Mummy. Watching as you shuffle across the floor, A giggling bouncing baby bean, Babbling as you play, You sound so beautiful, Brighter than the sun, Smiling your toothless smile, How perfect you truly are. Babbling, giggling, shuffle, play toothless, perfect, smiling, bouncing floor, sun, bean, baby. Day 9. to deliberate on a matter über etw. Akk. beraten | beriet, beraten | to look to so. for advice sich Akk. beraten lassen to turn to so. for advice sich Akk. beraten lassen: Weitere Verben verbergen Weitere Verben anzeigen (13 / 24) Adjektive / Adverbien unadvised Adj. nicht beraten: Beispiele would be well advised wären gut beraten: Weitere Aktionen Neue Diskussion starten Gespeicherte. Synonyms of Deliberate will be presented below each meaning if they are available. Find out what rhymes with Deliberate. Scrabble WWF WordFeud. DELIBERATE has a SCRABBLE points total of 13. D 2 E 1 L 1 I 1 B 3 E 1 R 1 A 1 T 1 E 1. DELIBERATE has a WORDS WITH FRIENDS points total of 15. D 2 E 1 L 2 I 1 B 4 E 1 R 1 A 1 T 1 E 1. DELIBERATE has a WORDFEUD points total of 14. D 2 E 1 L 1 I 1 B 4 E.

Find 1,283 opposite words and antonyms for honest based on 21 separate contexts from our thesaurus Әйтелешләр белешмәсе: deliberate (adjective) сүзенең ничек укылуын (Инглиз) телдә сөйләшүче язмасын тыңлап белегез. Сүзнең инглиз теленә тәрҗемәсе deliberate (adjective) adjective 1) (thoughtful) [wohl]überlegt 2) (intentional) gewollt; gesucht [Stil, Ausdrucksweise] * * * stud·ied [ˈstʌdid] adj wohl überlegt, [gut] durchdacht she listened to his remarks with studied indifference sie hörte ihm mit gestellte de·lib·er·ate > adjective >consciously and intentionally. > a deliberate attempt to provoke conflict > verb > engage in long and careful consideration. I love the word, as an adjective and a. Adjective (en adjective) Intentional, deliberate. *, II.12: *:to interrupt the course of his continuall happinesse, and to recompence it, [he] cast the richest and most precious jewell he had into the Sea, deeming that by this purposed . (rare) Having a purpose or aim; determined Ahoskatze gida: Ikasi deliberate (adjective) Ingelesan ahoskatzen natibu bezala. deliberate (adjective) en itzulpena gaztelera

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